Peter Groome
R&D Director
Jiahua Europe

Dr Groome completed his PhD and post doctorial studies in Physical Chemistry and Polymerisation at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Following this he spent 3 years working on projects involving suspension polymerisation based on ICI PVC technology.

He has been part of the polyurethane industry for approximately 30 years. Has been extensively involved with ICI / Huntsman on rigid polyether polyol developments and production.Was also involved with the same companies in polyurethane systems developments and production. This has included rigid/flexible blends for various applications, elastomer blends, prepolymers ( aromatic / aliphatic ) for case applications. During this period in the polyurethane industry he has also been involved with Dow on the production of flexible polyols for block production and for hotcure / coldcure processes.

He is currently the R&D Director at Jiahua Chemicals in Shanghai.