Johan Van Dyck
CEO and Founder

Johan Van Dyck CEO and founder of Exypnos, graduated as mechanical engineer and has been active as a consultant since. 

After operating in different industries, he joined the Recticel group in 1999, where he was involved in the development of WST (Window Spray Technology), resulting in operational projects for Opel and Volvo.

In 2009, BASF acquired the WST patent from Recticel and matured the WST technology with Johan as a technical consultant, into an operational technology. Simultaneously, new methods and applications emerged and Johan developed and patented WSTplus technology and founded Exypnos with a team of polyurethane specialists in May 2013.

Webasto, a market leader in automotive roofing systems, implemented the WSTplus technology in China in 2014. This lead to a successful FTM (fixed transparent module) pilot project and worldwide technology release. With the support of Exypnos, several China-based serial WSTplus projects were implemented in 2016-17.

Since 2016, Exypnos consists of Exypnos Systems, production department and Exypnos Engineering, development & think tank. Exypnos nowadays is expanding its activities by offering AVO (Added Value Operations) at our new production facility.

Exypnos facilitates bonding, framing and encapsulation involving polyurethane systems. Our robust and automated Production Systems focuses on manufacturing high-quality products according to clearly defined specifications with an energy and cost-effective approach.